Samo has a lot of passion for media production. As a producer he has been supporting new talents to find their very own vision as content creators. He aspires to revolutionize the content that is being produced in the ASEAN market.


Motion Graphics

Alex has a wide range of skills. He is constantly looking for creating an engaging visual dialogue. He is a pro-active production assistant and He is in charge of guarding vegan snacks!



Denis has a lot of experience across the world. He has worked in the US, Russia and across South East Asia. He has his own unique style in choreographing the tone, look and camera movement in each of his works.



Nik is experienced in documentary video production and commercials. He has the natural instinct for creative imagery design and a passion for visual art.


Creative Director

Nageeb has been working in documentaries for the past few years. He enjoys crafting original content that is both memorable and thought provoking. You just have to bear with his endless questions.

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